Presenter Mobile Application

Presenter is an application designed to commemorate a person's special day by facilitating group contributions for purchasing a gift. Users can create an event, select a present from suggested options or provide details for external purchases, establish a gift price, and seamlessly monitor the progress of money collection from the group.

Jun 2021
Product Designer
User Research, Customer Journey Map, Mind Map, Low to high fidelity design deliverables, Prototyping

Project overview

Presenter is an app for celebrating person’s special day by collecting money from the group of colleagues who want to contribute to the process of buying a present.

It allows everyone to create a gathering, choose a present from recommendations or add details if purchasing externally, set a price for a gift and track the process of money collecting.

Research process

The case study was started by conducting user interviews with company employers to clarify their needs of this app. Here are the questions that were covered during the interview.
After that, all the interviews were collected and the key problems were highlighted. Totally, we had 4 blocks the represent the common user pains – we call this process gaining insights.

Customer Journey Map

To better understanding of user interaction with the app, we decided to build a Customer Journey Map.

It allows us to see user touchpoints within an app, their thoughts during the whole process, their experience of using the app. As a result, we were able to create opportunities for ourselves to make Presenter both useful and usable.

Mind Map

After having a Customer Journey Map, we gained a full perspective of the user interaction with an app, but we still lack its overall structure. That’s when we decided to build a mind map.

We lay out the skeleton of an app to know where each feature should be build-in. So, we got the first draft of app functionality which we can work with.


Following the completion of the final design, I grouped all components into 1 unified file to ensure consistent styling across the entire project.

The font, provided by the client, exudes a unique identity, while the chosen bright green accent color adds vibrancy to the Masterskaya website. Opting for a single accent color aligns with the studio's colorful Instagram presence, directing attention to the captivating photos of the studio and the artists' works. Also, the images were formatted into polaroid photos, a decision behind it will be explained in the Unique Features section below.

Final prototypes

1 phase: Registration or Authentication
Logo was inspired by a present box (I’m not good at creating logos, so nothing fancy here). Let’s move on.
2 Phase: Homepage
Currently we have no gatherings, so let’s create one by clicking on the button above.

3 Phase: Gathering creation
We have 3 steps we need to go through to successfully create a gathering. Firstly, we start from by filling in Celebrant info manually or choosing from our contacts that have been added before.
Then we move on to step 2: Present Info. We can add a present manually, choose from person’s wishlist (if they have one) or from app recommendations. After that, we need to give card credentials to receive collected money from our colleagues.
4 Phase: Gathering description
Yeaaah! We created a gathering, shared it to other and even got some moneeeey. We can see gathering description all in details and also we got the list of contributors which looks great. What do you think? :)
5 Phase: Contribution
Let’s bring some happiness in the house and countribute to person’s special occasion! So in previous screens let’s tap on "Contribute now" and send our friend some money.

That was a great journey. Thank you for joining me.


Throughout this project, I gained valuable experience in mobile app development and user research. I've identified areas for improvement, particularly in delving deeper into the user journey, addressing edge cases, and ensuring a seamless collaboration process for collecting money for gifts. If given the opportunity, I would conduct more extensive user research to refine the app further.
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