Property Insurance Mobile Application

Z insurance is an application that allows you to customize your property insurance based on your needs and personal preferences. It also simplifies the claim filing process, making it straightforward and stress-free.

Sep 2021
Product Designer
Market Research, User Research, Low to high fidelity design deliverables, Prototyping


This project was created during a two-day Product Design Hackathon hosted by DataArt. I had the privilege of collaborating with two other designers, Oksana Marchenko and Liudmyla Mykhalchyshyn (Kocherzhenko), as part of our team. We developed the application from start to finish, including thorough user research and high-fidelity prototypes.

Project Brief

Insurance companies have traditionally relied on manual processes and paperwork to secure their customers' properties. However, these methods can be time-consuming and inconvenient for the users.

Our task was to design a mobile app for an imaginary scenario where a customer experiences water flooding in their home.


To start to tackle this problem, we needed some quantifiable research to back up our initial observations.

We found that:
Those numbers clearly shows the need for us to develop a tool that would facilitate the successful application process for customers and foster trust between them and insurance companies.

Standard User Flow

We continued our investigation by researching the industry to understand how the home insurance work. We found that the process typically involves collecting a large number of documents for the application, and waiting for an indeterminate amount of time for the review process to be completed.

It seems like the process is often lengthy and complex. It sparkled the start of our investigation.

Competitive Research

I was responsible for conducting competitive research to analyze the operations and strategies of multiple insurance companies, in order to gain valuable insights into their processes.
After thorough analysis of their websites, apps and customer feedback I found that many customers experienced occasional misunderstandings, loss of documents, and other issues during the communication process.
To summarize our research findings, we together developed a User Persona to represent the target user we were designing for.

Problem Definition

After conducting extensive research and analysis, we identified a critical insight: users want a hassle-free and efficient way to deal with their insurance without wasting valuable time and energy waiting in long queues or making countless phone calls. This informed our problem statement and drove our design decisions throughout the project.


After setting the pain points, goals, opportunities and personas, our team conducted an ideation session to generate as many possible problems that the user might encounter.

Through this process, we identified several key issues such as:
- the lack of transparency in insurance offerings;
- the complexity of the application form;
- insufficient information about the user's home to complete the form;
- not enough support during the communication process.

We successfully identified key issues at this stage, and used "How Might We" statements to brainstorm potential solutions. Through evaluation and collaboration, we generated useful ideas to help improve the user experience.
To enhance the user experience, we created unique user flows for each major feature and ultimately developed a streamlined interface with 5 primary menu items: Menu, Claims, Policies, Support, and My Profile.

Final Solution

After careful consideration, we came up with a powerful motto that encapsulates the essence of our application. Our motto is:
The main idea of our application to provide users with personalized and attentive service. Our app is designed to listen to our users' complaints, and our customer support team is always available to address any concerns they may have.
File for a Claim
We created a chatbot named "Pizzaiolo" that uses AI to guide users through the claims process. Users can easily submit documents and evidence by attaching or taking a picture, simplifying the process and saving time.
Purchase an Insurance
To simplify the process, we offer pre-built insurance options for users to choose from. To ensure we provide the best options for our users, our application will use AI similar to Spotify, which will suggest options based on personal data such as location and potential risks in the area. For instance, if the user lives in an area prone to natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes, our app will suggest insurance coverage that includes protection against those risks.
Apart from these features we have taken care to ensure that every detail is laid out clearly, so that users are fully informed of each step taken towards fulfilling their insurance needs.

If we could...

If we are able to continue working on the project in the future, we would explore potential partnerships with insurance companies to ensure our product is reliable and provides adequate coverage for our users. Additionally, we would continue to refine our user interface and user experience to make the application more intuitive and user-friendly.


Despite not winning the hackathon, we found the project to be an incredibly rewarding experience, allowing us to further develop our design skills and learn new ones.

I want to express my gratitude to the organizers of this wonderful hackathon, my incredible team mates, all hard-working participants (congratulations to the winners), and everyone involved in the project! The opportunity to grow as a designer, researcher, and team member is one I am truly grateful for 🙌🏻
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