Veterano Brownie Website

With the total rebranding of Veterano Brownie completed, they approached me to enhance their website's user flow and design a new website that aligned seamlessly with the refreshed branding.

November 2021
UX/UI Designer
Market Research, User Research, Low to high fidelity design deliverables, Prototyping, Usability Testing

Brief with the client

Veterano Brownie (abr. VB) is a pastry cafe that specialized exclusively on making brownies. They have 20 different brownie flavors made with natural ingredients and lots of love. 

The project is the part of Veterano Group. Their name comes from helping veterans: 10% of their profits are transferred to support the families of soldiers killed in the war in Donbass. Also they do other charity works like raising money for homeless animals and helping veterans find the job in restaurant industry.

Recently the owners of Veterano Brownie have a total rebranding, so they would like to a new website to meet the new brand identity and also improve the user experience on the website.

Competitive Research

Main objective: to understand what is missing on the current Veterano Brownie website and to think about the features to add for the best user experience.

User Interview

Main objective: to understand why people buy and continue buying from Veterano Brownie. Here I interviewed 3 real Veterano Brownie customers to see and hear some thoughts and feelings they got from eating brownies.

As a popular and established brand, Veterano Brownie has successfully positioned itself in the market, and understanding the factors that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty is crucial. The interviews provided a platform for customers to express their perspectives on what makes Veterano Brownie brownies stand out and why they choose to remain loyal to the brand.

User Personas

Following insightful user interviews, I created user personas that encapsulate demographics, behaviors, and aspirations, providing a strategic framework to tailor Veterano Brownie products and initiatives to meet customer preferences effectively.

User persona 1:
User persona 2:


Main objective: to build the architecture and determine the functionality of the site

Usability testing

Main objective: to assess how easy it is to use the prototype.

I systematically identified and resolved issues in the low-fidelity prototypes, focusing on improving the overall user experience for a smooth and optimized interaction. User feedback and observations on the left are compared with specific enhancements made on the right for clarity.


The design library features a cool and friendly font that adds a welcoming touch to the website and vibrant and colorful color palette that enhances the site's appeal, creating a visually pleasing atmosphere.

The main concept of presenting text in bubbles adds a playful and engaging element to the design. Inspired by a customer's description of brownies and coffee evoking feelings of coziness and comfort, the goal is to make the website feel like a conversation with a dear friend, aiming for warmth and familiarity.

High fidelity prototypes

In the end, Veterano Brownie's website became a bubbly and inviting space, designed to make you feel like you're chatting with a friend. With its cheerful bubbles, humor, and positive vibes, the website creates a warm and friendly atmosphere for a delightful user experience.

If I could...

If I am able to continue working on the project in the future, I would continue gathering  user feedback to ensure the website remains easy to use and navigate. Additionally, I would continue to refine our user interface and user experience to make the application more intuitive and user-friendly.